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08 Oct How to make a cat's hair smooth(#0008)
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Today, Zfbird is going to talk about cat hair. Anyone who has ever raised a cat knows that cats are quiet and like to be alone, just like a quiet girl. And with cats in the house, people like to pet t..
07 Oct Diet precautions for cats(#0007)
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Cats are special pets. They have a cold personality and some quirks. Most of the time they don't want their owners to disturb their lives. Yes, sometimes cats are disturbed by their owners, and they w..
06 Oct How to clip your cat 's nails(#0006)
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ZFbird is happy to share everything about cats with you. If you like our articles, please subscribe at the bottom of the page!Cats are born with claws that they can use to grab their owners, sofas, cu..
05 Oct How to save your furnitures from your cats(#0005)
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How to save your furniture from your cats?Scratching is natural for cats,  It is necessary for their general health, and to keep their nails sharp for self-defense, eating, and climbing, broken, missh..
04 Oct How to feed kittens scientifically(#0004)
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I have a kitten that is more than 2 months old because I usually have to go to work, the cat’s diet is not very regular, it rarely drinks water, and likes snacks, egg yolks, and chicken. Cats don't ea..
03 Oct How to DIY a cat scratching post(#0003)
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During the cat’s life, its paws will continue to grow. We need to grind off the excess nails for the cat from time to time, otherwise, the cat will feel very uncomfortable and even destroy the furnitu..
02 Oct Is it worth buying a cat climbing post(#0002)
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Of course, It is worth it! In addition, cat food, and cat litter (not including the litter box) are also worth buying!First of all, we must understand what is a cat climbing frame?A cat has thought an..
01 Oct How to choose a cat scratcher(#0001)
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Cats are very good, but the sofa is not happy.My colleague Jack once compensated the landlord for more than two thousand dollars for the cat scratched the sofa, so he bought a bunch of catclaw boards ..
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