Of course, It is worth it! In addition, cat food, and cat litter (not including the litter box) are also worth buying!
First of all, we must understand what is a cat climbing frame?

A cat has thought and soul as a living individual, so it also has behavior. Cat climbing frame did not exist with the birth of cats, nor did humans begin to domesticate cats. The cat climbing frame was born in 1916, when the famous American zoologist Mike Donner, in the study of cat behavior regarding the increasing behavior of cat depression, invented the cat climbing frame, which can cure cat depression. pet toy. The cat climbing frame is a cat toy with a healing function, which allows the cat to have completely his own space and can play as much as he wants. The column of hemp rope allows cats to sharpen their claws and release their inner pressure and unpleasantness. Since the cat climbing frame came out, it has been loved and planted by cat friends. Soon people made many improvements based on the cat climbing frame. From the human aesthetic vision, the cat's senses, the cat's health, and the cat's habits, the cat climbing frame has been further modified and innovated. There is also a dazzling array of cat climbing frames and cat climbing frames that everyone has seen so far.

Second, you will understand why the cat climbing frame is needed

1. No one wants to lose their ability to survive, and so do cats.

They need to practice exercises and their paws need to be practiced from time to time. The claws of cats are very powerful. Before they become pets, their claws are their sharp weapon to catch prey. To better hunt cats, they will often sharpen their claws. Even if he is now a pet, the habit of scratching has not changed. The cat's claws are quite sharp and can easily scratch furniture, sofas, floors, walls, etc.

2. nature needs to be released to avoid long-term depression and depression.

The cats that originally lived in nature or the jungle, are kept in a leisurely space by humans, and they are already depressing enough. They need to release their pressure and nature so that the destruction we see occurs. Cat climbing frame is to release the cat's original climbing ability and desire to grasp. The way for dogs to release depression is to go for a walk, and cats need certain toys to release their depression because it is inconvenient to go for a walk.

3. Give the cat more fun.

The greatest joy of raising a cat is to be able to see a lively elf every day, to run around, so that our emotions can be cheerful, so we hope to see It climb up and down, an active figure. Cat climbing frame provides a professional place for cats to be active. From the product appearance design and actual use performance evaluation, the following cat climbing posts represent various types that I recommend to you!