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Privacy Policy

1. Collection and use of personal information

When using ZFbird online store, you may be required to provide relevant personal information. ZFbird will collect and use your information in accordance with this clause. We strongly recommend that you provide certain information (although this is not mandatory), but most of the time, if you refuse to provide certain necessary information, we will not be able to provide you with the corresponding products and services, nor can we effectively contact you To deal with all possible problems you encounter.

The following are the types of personal information we may collect and how we use it:

2. What personal information is collected

       Including but not limited to your name, delivery address, personal email, contact information, etc. when you create an account, purchase store products, download website files, and try to contact us.

When you purchase goods or coupons, ZFbird may record the name, delivery address, personal email address and phone number you provide. We will use this information to complete product delivery or communicate with you through relevant contact information.

In some areas, in order to comply with the law, we may require you to provide a valid identity certificate, but it is only used in special circumstances, such as customs declaration.

4. How to use personal information

Notify you of the latest product developments, software updates or latest events, offers and other information (provided that you subscribe to our mail service).

Use your personal information to verify your identity (including email or mobile number, etc.).

Use your personal information to send important notifications, such as order information, delivery information, invoice information, etc. These information are closely related to your interests, so you cannot refuse to receive such information.

We will also use your personal information for data analysis, research, etc., to continuously improve our products and services.

5. Relevant non-personal information

We may also collect relevant data that is not directly related to your personal information, and have the right to use, transfer and disclose such non-personal information. Including but not limited to these contents:

Professional information, language information, postal codes, area codes, unique device identifiers, jump links, location information, and the time zone the user is in when using this store. The purpose of collecting this information is to allow us to better understand the customer’s Purchase behavior to improve our products and services.

We will collect user activity information on our stores, and by aggregating this type of information, help us generate more valuable information.

We may collect and store how you use our services, including your searches. This type of information is used to optimize and adjust website content.

6. Cookies or others

Cookies and other technologies may be used in ZFBIRD stores, emails and advertisements. This type of technology can help us better understand user behavior, understand which pages users have browsed on our website, and use it to analyze advertising effects and optimize web search efficiency. We treat the information collected through cookie technology as non-personal information.

Like most other Internet service providers, we may automatically collect IP addresses, browser types, languages, operating systems, dates, etc., and store them in log files.

We will use this information to analyze user behavior to help us better optimize the content of the website and improve our products and services.

7.Other instructions

According to local legal requirements of some users, ZFBIRD may have to disclose your personal information. If it involves national security, law enforcement, and other circumstances that must disclose your information, we may also disclose relevant information.

ZFBIRD takes your information security very seriously. We use TLS and other technologies to encrypt transmissions. When data is stored, we will strictly control access rights, and your account, password or other information will be encrypted and effectively protected.

8. Privacy issues

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

Your questions will be properly handled and responded to after we have screened them. We will continue to improve the privacy policy based on user feedback or relevant laws. Thank you for your support.