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Cats are born with claws that they can use to grab their owners, sofas, curtains, and anything they don't like.

Cat claws are like human fingernails and have many functions. Cats' PAWS play several important roles in climbing trees, hunting, and jumping. It can be said that the cat claw is the basic guarantee for the survival of cats. The cat claw is flexible and sharp and tough, which is not only a weapon for cats to hunt and defend themselves but also a tool for action and play.

Because cat claws will grow continuously, all cats have the nature of claw grinding. They will grind claws in places such as wooden posts, tree trunks, chairs, carpets, and doorframes to make the old claws fall off. The new claws will be sharp, which can play an effective role in friction and shock absorption in cat jumping and climbing.

But as more and more cats become our family pets, they live a carefree life and no longer need to hunt or climb trees. If a cat's fingernails are too sharp and will inevitably scratch its owner while playing at home, the tips need to be cut off regularly. In addition, if your nails are too long, you may accidentally stab your cat's toes and cause an infection. Of course, it depends on the individual needs of cat owners, and the final decision on whether or not to clip their cat's nails.

In addition to the cat nail clipping, can be configured with some other cat supplies such as paper cat paw board, sisal cat climbing frame, etc., which can be very good to solve the cat the home claws trouble.

Generally speaking, there are two steps to cutting a cat's nails.

First, fix the cat.

Some cats are not so repulsive to nail clipping, you can hold them directly in your arms. If you meet a very grumpy cat, you can coordinate with two people to stabilize the cat's mood and then cut their nails, or fix the cat with a big bath towel:

Step 2: Trim.

Note that human nails and cat claws have different shapes. Human nails are flat, while cat nails are thin and round. It is easy to cut and split cats' nails with human nail clippers, and it is better to choose circular clippers for cats.

When you are clipping your nails, gently pinch your cat's paw and it will stick out. Avoid cutting the bloodline of your nails, which can be painful and make it harder to get your cat to cut her nails in the future. If you accidentally cut the bleeding, disinfect and stop bleeding in time. If the wound is too large, please send it to the pet hospital to see a doctor in time.

Cut your cat's nails quickly, accurately, and ruthlessly. Don't worry too much about the length. Just cut off the sharp parts. Angle your nails well.

A cat's four-legged nails need to be trimmed, but if the cat's back nails are perfectly rounded and polished by the cat, it's okay to leave them alone.

While clipping your cat's nails, you can entice her with gourmet treats. While one person is clipping her nails, another person is feeding her snacks to get her attention.

When your cat is particularly reluctant to cut her nails, please don't force her to leave and wait until she's calmed down or until a few days later to cut the rest of her nails. When I play with it, I can pinch its feet and let it get used to this action, knowing that pinching feet is harmless.

Don't forget to soothe the cat after you've clipped your nails. Pet it, or reward it with a tin of cats so they know they can eat it after clipping their nails.

If you're afraid of being scratched by a cat, choose to be fully armed.

One netizen suggested putting a clip on the back of the cat's neck to simulate how the mother cat would feel when holding the kitten so that the cat would not move.

Also can take advantage of the cat sleeping for their nails, if found, hurriedly hide the nail clippers pretend not to know, until it is asleep to continue to attack.

I wish all cat owners a pleasant manicure experience. Next, let's take a look at some of the photos shared by netizens (the legendary cat of another family) :

Take a look at this little leg, and when it finds out that its owner has clipped its nails, it hides it. It's so cute.

Look me in the eye. Are you done with the nail clipping? If not, let me lick my paw.

No, I can't stand to see this. Let me turn my head. You finish it.