Cats are special pets. They have a cold personality and some quirks. Most of the time they don't want their owners to disturb their lives. Yes, sometimes cats are disturbed by their owners, and they want their owners to "grow up". They need their owner to provide them with meticulous care and to meet all their requirements.

They are also very particular about their food, so what are their dietary requirements? What should I pay attention to?

Cats do not need the same amount of nutrients in their diet as humans. They need more protein as a nutritional supplement than humans. The amount of other nutrients such as vitamins and other micronutrients in food is also quite different from that needed in humans. So don't match your cat's nutrition according to human standards. It's not good for your cat's health.

Human food is not suitable for cats. Many feeders simply feed their cats more of their food for convenience. Sometimes out of indulgence will give their snacks to the cat to eat, these practices are very harmful to the health of the cat, for a long time the cat eats human food, and the cat will appear depilation, hair dull, and luster, and in serious cases even bone problems. For your cat's health, it's best to eat cat food as a regular meal for your cat.

Some owners will give their newborn kittens milk to replenish their nutrition. However, the intestines of cats are relatively fragile, and they may be unable to digest the lactose in milk. After drinking milk, they may develop diarrhea. So it is better not to feed the cat to drink human milk, you can buy some pet milk powder for them.

Although the cat is an animal that likes to eat fish but does not give too much fish, it will not be good for it. Be careful when choosing fish for them. Some seafood products are not suitable for cats to eat and long-term consumption will damage their health.

Cats are not vegetarians. Some feeders, who don't like meat themselves, add vegetables and fruits to their cats' diets. Cats are natural carnivores. They need meat to meet their nutritional needs. Meat is high in protein, so it is better to prepare some meat for your cat.

Don't give your cat too much raw and cold food, such as food taken out of the refrigerator, and don't give them ice cream to cool them down even on a hot summer day. Cats' intestines and stomachs are relatively fragile. If they are given a large amount of such food, they will suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort, which may lead to diarrhea and vomiting. When we prepare food for our cats, we have to take a health perspective. Keeping your cat healthy is the most important.