Today, Zfbird is going to talk about cat hair. Anyone who has ever raised a cat knows that cats are quiet and like to be alone, just like a quiet girl. And with cats in the house, people like to pet their furry bodies from time to time, which makes them instantly happy. However, some cats have rough hair that is not very comfortable to touch, so any cat owner would like to have a cat with smooth hair. What makes a cat's hair smooth? What can cat owners do to improve their cats' hair?

First of all, your cat's hair quality depends on genetics and what you eat. It is well known that all creatures are genetically influenced to give birth, and cats are no exception. Each cat's hair quality is related to its previous generation. If your cat's parents have long, vigorous hair, chances are your kitten will be born with that same hair. So, when you're selecting a cat, you can touch the hair of the mother or the male that gave birth to it. Cats' hair is also linked to the amount of food they eat, as cats tend to eat meat, so owners need to get them to eat enough meat to promote balanced nutrition. Only when nutrition catches up with you will your hair glow with a new look and feel more comfortable. Like the stray cats without malnutrition, the quality of their hair must be very poor, and they feel very rough as if they were feeling thick linen.

Secondly, the quality of the cat hair and the season, and the owner should be scheduled to do the cat hair, there will be soft hair. What many people don't know is that a cat's hair changes with the seasons. Just like in the hot summer months, cats will lose some of their hair to adapt to the current temperature, so that it is not so hot. And in the cold winter, their hair will grow very exuberant, to achieve the effect of the cold. So if you notice that your cat has a different amount of hair in the winter than in the summer, don't worry. It's nothing unusual. In addition, owners should wash and care for the cat's hair regularly, to strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair loss and skin infection with bacteria. When cleaning, the host can consider using special things that wash gargle, such ability increases cleanness. If encounters comb not open hair, the host must sink the heart to comb slowly open, need not exert oneself to pull hair, otherwise very easy hair is very easy to break off easily.

So, if you want to improve your cat's hair quality, you can use the tips above to make it soft and shiny and feel like a fluffy doll.