During the cat’s life, its paws will continue to grow. We need to grind off the excess nails for the cat from time to time, otherwise, the cat will feel very uncomfortable and even destroy the furniture in the house. Cat owners can learn to DIY cat scratching posts through this article to solve the problem of grinding claws for cats. A simple fixed cat climbing post can allow kittens to grind off excess nails during play, saving them trouble and more effectiveness. Today zfbird will teach you how to make household scratching posts using hemp rope and wood. I guarantee your cat will love it.

The materials needed for DIY scratching posts are planks, wood, old twine, dyes, catnip, nails, paint, electric drills, pencils, and rulers.

To how make a scratching post at home, please see the picture tutorial below.

1. Find a round wooden board, drill a hole in the middle, and fix the column on the wooden board with iron nails. You need to make sure that the bottom plate is wide enough so that even if the cat climbs on the pillar, it will not fall.

2. Find a bundle of hemp rope, and soak it in the dye for a while, so that the rope is dyed. You can choose the color you like or the color your cat likes (what color does the cat like? You have to ask the cat)

3. Dry or dry the dyed twine.

4. Wrap the dyed hemp rope from below the cat climbing column as shown in the picture. The hemp rope should be wound from the bottom end and nailed up with nails. During the winding process, the rope must be very tight and The end is also fixed with nails to ensure safety.

5. You can add a "roof" to the top of the cat climbing column, which will look more beautiful. If the cat is not interested at first, you can sprinkle a little catnip on the scratching post. Well, invite the cat to play.


1. In the process of making the cat climbing post, the hemp rope must be twisted tightly and the base must be stable

2. It takes some guidance to let the cat practice grinding nails on it. Put the post in a place where the cat can easily see it. You can give some encouragement or small temptation. Gradually let the cat get used to it and let it be on its own in the future. Go play

Use this DIY device to let the kitten grind off the nails that grow too fast and long, and completely free you from the trouble of the cat grinding claws.

What? Think DIY is too much trouble? Of course, there is the easiest way to forget to tell you: buy one!