Cats are very good, but the sofa is not happy.

My colleague Jack once compensated the landlord for more than two thousand dollars for the cat scratched the sofa, so he bought a bunch of catclaw boards and went home to scratch it. After going back and forth, I got a glimpse of the common cat scratchers on the market.

Therefore, in response to this problem, we recommend several scratchers based on Jack's experience. The core is still the principle-buy the most suitable, not the most expensive.

First. choose the model

There are four types of scratchers:

Flat-shaped scratching board, curved scratching board, bowl-shaped scratching board, three-dimensional scratching board, and scratching post.

1. Flat scratcher

Cat likes:?★★

Cat Board recommendation index:?★

Flat-shaped cat scratching boards are rare in the market. If you see one, the suggestion is just two words-don't buy it.

The price of this thing is similar to that of curved scratchboard, but the effect is much worse. Because the surface is flat and has no curvature, the cat is uncomfortable lying on it, and the form of scratching is simple. The cat may go to the sofa and continue to do what it is.

2. Curved scratching board

Cat love level:?★★★☆

Cat Board recommendation index:?★★★★

Wavy bed type

This is the most common cat scratching board on the market at present, and it is half of the opening shopping apps.

Subdivided, the curved scratcher can be divided into wave shape and bed shape. Because of the ups and downs in the shape, the cat can scratch from different angles and strengths when scratching. Sometimes the cat likes to lie on it.

There are also problems. First, it is relatively thin, easy to move, and it is uneven to be dragged into the corner by the master; second, it is not durable enough, and the curved surface may be flattened by the master in half a month.

Fortunately, it is very cheap, a few dollars a, very cost-effective, and it is not distressed if it is broken.

3. Three-dimensional cat scratching board

Cat love level:★★★★★

Cat Board recommendation index:★★★★

This kind of scratching board is the same as the curved scratching board in terms of scratching function, but it integrates some toy functions and the holes that cats like, so it is more popular than the curved scratching board. It can be scratched on three sides and is more durable.

However, the three-dimensional one is slightly more expensive than the curved one, and it takes up space, which affects the overall cost performance. It is recommended to start with a shovel officer with large home space.

4. Bowl-shaped scratching board

Cat likes:★★★★★

Cat Board recommendation index:★★★★

Cat scratching bowl, also known as the master happy bowl, you can see from the picture that it is not a cat litter, it is the net celebrity in the cat scratching board.

This kind of cat scratching board has a pleasing shape, rich angles, and a good scratching experience, so cats like it, especially like lying down and sleeping inside.

The only problem is that the price is a little higher, especially the large ones. It is recommended to start with a fixed base and a replaceable grab plate, which is more affordable.

5. Cat scratching post

Cat likes:★★★★☆

Cat Board recommendation index:★★★★★

Looking at the picture, you will know that it is different from the previous ones, and a domineering spirit is coming.

The previous types are consumables, but the scratching post can almost be regarded as a fixed facility. It is more expensive, but it can be used all the time, so the price is still very high.

It is recommended to choose a thicker one, one is strong and durable, and the other is a large area to have a richer scratching experience. The cat can stand up and scratch its butt from various angles.

Second, choose the material

There are three main materials: sisal rope, sisal cloth, and corrugated paper.

1. Corrugated paper

Cat likes:★★★★☆

Cat Board recommendation index:★★★★

Corrugated paper is our common carton, the most common material for cat scratchers.


①Cheap! Carton boxes are the cheapest.

②There are many shapes to satisfy the cat's scratching desire. Many cat scratchers made of corrugated paper are added with Polygonatum powder. Most cats will like it very much.


①Poor durability.

②It is easy to fall off the chips and needs frequent cleaning.

2. Sisal rope scratcher

Cat likes:★★★★

Cat Board recommendation index:★★★★☆

Sisal is a perennial tropical hard-leaf fiber crop. It originated in Mexico and is now grown mainly in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and other places. It is the most widely used hard fiber in the world today.

Sisal fiber has a tough texture, abrasion resistance, salt and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. In short, it is X resistance.

Moreover, this stuff is edible and can be used for meat tenderization, beer clarification, cheese manufacturing, seafood processing, protein hydrolysis, treatment of certain inflammations and indigestion diseases, and even brewing.


①The claw feels good, and the cat feels very refreshed when scratching. After scratching for the first time, it also wants to scratch for the second time.

②The unique fragrance attracts cats, it is natural and healthy, and there is no need to worry about cats eating by mistake.


Through the glue and the cat scratching board core link, the string is easy to loosen and fall off over time, and the cat will not like it after playing for a long time.


If you think that the sisal rope cat claw board is too expensive, we can buy sisal rope and glue online to make it, the price is nearly half cheaper.

3. Sisal cloth grab board

Cat likes:★★★★☆

Cat Board recommendation index:★★★★

The material is the same as sisal rope, but when sisal rope fiber is used to be woven into cloth, flax, ramie, jute, abaca and other materials may be added.

This material has the characteristics of breathable, soft and comfortable, washable, sunproof, anticorrosive, and antibacterial, but...not abrasion-resistant.


The upgraded version of sisal rope solves the problem that the rope is easy to loosen and fall off. It is stronger and has a longer life.


It is easy to fluff and fluff after using for a long time, resulting in poor claw feeling, and it is not very good in appearance.

Third, the most recommended

Based on the above models, materials, and prices, we give priority to recommending three cat scratchers to shovelers with different needs.

1. Curved Corrugated Cat Scratch Board

Nothing else, it was cheap. There are cheaper ones, but considering the chipping and other factors, I chose a moderate one.

2. Sisal rope cat scratching post

An affordable cat climbing frame, recommended by the cat keeper with large home space. If the rope is broken, you can buy a rope to replace it.

3. Anti-scratch stickers on sofa

For the master who has never changed, he can only deal with it with anti-scratch stickers. The ugly is a bit ugly. Anyhow, it can protect the sofa well.

Fourth, other questions about the scratching board

1. Where is the best place?

①Keep it close to sleeping and resting areas.

②If the conditions are possible, the three-dimensional type is still somewhat less expensive, and it can be fixed on the corner of the sofa, on the wall, or in front of the bathroom.

2. How to place it properly?

①The scratcher is either flat on the ground or perpendicular to the wall.

②The vertical scratching board should be about 30 cm away from the ground. Please adjust the size of the cat as the cat grows. The key point is to let the cat easily stand and scratch.

3. How many are suitable?

It is recommended to buy two for a cat because one should be placed next to the sleeping place.

4. What size is appropriate to buy?

The size of the scratcher is preferably about 15-20 cm wide and 30-40 cm long.

If it’s troublesome, it’s simpler. The bigger the better, the bigger one is more popular with cats.

5. How to choose good or bad?

①It is recommended to buy scratchboard that does not contain chemicals to ensure the health of the cat because the cat will sometimes chew.

②Choose a suitable aperture. If the hole on the surface of the scratcher board is too small, the cat does not like to scratch, and the cardboard is not resistant to scratching. It is recommended to choose a larger aperture, and the ventilation of the gripper is also better.

③If the cat scratcher is easy to flatten or deform after being pressed, it means that the material has poor weight resistance and cannot withstand the cat's long-term play, and it is not recommended to buy it.

④We can judge the wear rate of the scratcher from the consumption rate of the surface of the scratcher and the amount of debris, and help the cat to replace the scratcher in time.