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Author: Peters & Vega

The cute blush will wash off when put in the washing machine.

  • Review Add on: 03.11,2018
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My husband bought me one of these. It's super cute, really comfortable, and really soft. It arrived pretty quick. Just a heads up to anyone planning on putting this in the washing machine. I placed the little guy in the wash with some of my white clothes and put them on a delicate cycle and air dried it instead of putting it in the dryer. I'm not upset about it, but the blush on his face and feet will wash off. However, I did not see this color on the rest of my laundry. I didn't know that would happen before I washed him. Just wanted to let others know. (The pictures included are after I washed him in the washing machine.)

Update: I didn't realize so many people would find my review so helpful :)
I've now had this plushie for more than a year and have put it in the washing machine multiple times. If I put it in the washing machine and don't put it on the delicate cycle... I make sure to have lots of other similar colored items in there with it. I've also put it in the dryer a few times and it's seems to hold up pretty well. It's honestly something I love to cuddle with when I'm sleeping.

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Author: Jay Hickman

Love Him!

  • Review Add on: 06.22,2018
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I love little Haku! Great investment! The pink isn't as..well pink or spread out as the picture but a little advice from a stuffed animal maker and enthusiast, If you want more pink or want to wash it and the pink washes off, just use chalk :) other than that he's perfect in every way! Super duper soft and very comfy!

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Author: Guertana

Hole in stomach seam but wonderful customer service

  • Review Add on: 04.02,2018
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cute and comfortable but came with a hole in the seam: EDIT: after posting review talking about hole in plush they sent me a brand new one. wonderful customer service

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Author: Katherine Warrick

... a large it's a little snug but still looks adorable! This is my girl Pudge

  • Review Add on: 09.21,2017
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 Ordered a large it's a little snug but still looks adorable! This is my girl Pudge!

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Author: Brandon

Very disappointing

  • Review Add on: 01.09,2020
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This looks nothing like I thought it would. The pink mouth looks like smudged lipstick slapped on, there is a pink smear on the side, and it is extremely bent out of shape. Unless you like the tail poking you in the eye, it doesn't even work as a neck pillow. This was my first time sending a non broken item back, but it was incredibly disappointing.

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Author: Amzn User


  • Review Add on: 10.02,2019
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False advertising. Only 182 lights on mine, not the 300 advertised (14 rows of lights with 13 lights in each row. Yes, I counted! It seemed awfully still for a small cape that was supposed to have 300 LEDs!). Also, no instructions how to attach gigantic metal poles to the sheer cape that has the ends stitched shut and doesn't have any Velcro around the sides to attach to the poles. (The pole is too wide for the opening at the top. They apparently didn't quality test this before sending the product out.)

I guess we'll see if the lights even bother to stay on since it's only half the amount it was supposed to be.

I thought this listing seemed too good to be true. Very disappointed. Feel ripped off.

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Author: DB

A must for any confined cat

  • Review Add on: 01.25,2021
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This is perfect for the feral kitty we have been rehabilitating. The mounting bracket is strong and wide enough to cover multiple bars. In our case we are also using it to help support the shelf above from flexing. I may get her a second one to go across horizontally just to provide additional rubbing and scratching opportunities.
We are obviously using it in a large cat cage but it would've worked fine in her previous dog crate that we were originally housing her in.

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Author: Chelsea

Never Wake a Sleeping Dragon

  • Review Add on: 11.08,2018
  • Average Rating:

I get compliments on this guy every time I go on a plane! He’s soft and cute! Perfect for the casual traveling nerd.

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Author: Whitney

Super cute! Love it!

  • Review Add on: 11.05,2021
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I love it soo much! It’s super cute. Used it for my Chihiro cosplay. Love my little Haku ?❤️ Colors in my photos are true to color.

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Author: Cindy

The Wings were spectacular!

  • Review Add on: 11.13,2019
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It was everything I needed for my costume! To make it a cape I carefully cut holes for my arms. I received compliments all night long! I must say it was spectacular!

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